Monday, September 20, 2021

“These aren’t my youngsters!” – Eufy digital camera homeowners report video mixups – Bare Safety

Users of video cameras from home gadget maker Eufy are reporting that their video feeds seem to have been getting mixed up.

Apparently, it’s not so much that anyone could sneakily login as user X and snoop on X’s video feed remotely…

…more a case that sometimes, when existing user X logged in, they ended up looking at Y’s account instead.

From what we’ve seen, user X couldn’t force this mixup to happen, and if it did, then X couldn’t predict who Y was going to be.

In other words, the glitch, if indeed there was one, doesn’t seem to have been reliably exploitable for any sort of targeted attack.

Indeed, one user in Australia noted that he and his wife, each supposedly hooked up to the same account under their own email addresses, ended up redirected to two completely different accounts and each had access to unrelated but incorrect feeds.